• Altered is an innovative TCG which offers a new, refreshing approach to both competitive and casual players. Set in a universe of rich lore and visual design (influenced by Miyazaki's work and Dixit-like illustrations), this game is about exploring a new, reshaped Earth after a mysterious event, the Confluence, profoundly altered it.

    Shape your own adventure, choose a faction and lead your expeditions through an ever-changing world. Be the first to discover what the universe of Altered has in store for you! What really lies at the heart of this revolution is a ton of expertly tailored details — a new rarity system, deep evolving lore, innovative game mechanisms and design — and a phygital experience that comes along with its myriad of life-quality improvements, both for the players, tournaments organizers and store owners alike.

    Born and led from the mind of talented game designer Régis Bonnessée (founder of the Libellud studio, which published Dixit, Mysterium, Dice Forge, and Seasons), this project is brought to you by the French studio Equinox, based in Paris, in partnership with and exclusively distributed by Asmodee.

  • Due to overwhelming response during our Kickstarter campaign, we've partnered with BoardGameArena (BGA) to bring Altered to the platform permanently.

    Right now, you can visit BGA and play with all of the six official Starter decks for free!

    When the game launches in September, players will be able to link their and BGA accounts, and will have the ability to play decks they've created in their collections using cards they own digital copies of.

    As we get closer to launch, we'll share more final details on how this will work.

    • We will have Preview Events with our Roadshow in several countries from May through July in 2024.
    • Altered may do Preview Events at conventions before launch.
    • The game will be presented live at Gencon 2024 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    • The official launch in retail stores is planned for September 13, 2024.
    • USA / CANADA / EU / CHILE confirmed.
    • Some more countries/continents might be announced.
    • In your local game stores
    • And any other channels our distributor would see fit (TBC)
    • Kickstarter: English and French
    • Retail: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
    • Print-on-demand: Portuguese

    Additional languages may be added in the future based on demand.

    • The 1st Expansion should be released January 2025.
    • Every subsequent expansion should be released every 4 months (Jan/May/Sep)
  • Set rotations aren't planned now, but as Altered continues to evolve, we'll look at managing how our players interact with growing number of expansions.

  • Because of the fabrication process requirements, you will not find foiled cards within an Altered booster, instead you’ll find cards “Foiler” cards.

    • Much like a wildcard in other games, a Foiler card is a card with a QR code which you'll scan in order to register it in your collection.
    • Foil cards will exist in each rarity: Common, Rare, and Unique.
    • Each Foiler can be applied to a card of the corresponding rarity that doesn't have a foiler applied to it yet. Once you use it, the Foiler is spent.
    • When you spend a Foiler, it will apply to the card family. That means you'll only need to foil a cardname once per rarity!
    • You’ll be able to trade Foilers over the marketplace just like other cards.
    • When a card leaves your collection via the marketplace, the foil status is not transferred. Cardnames with Foilers applied will stay in your collection forever. If you ever reacquire that cardname at that rarity, the Foiler will still be applied!
    • Foiler cards replace Tokens in Booster Packs 25% of the time.
    • Foiler cards will also be a part of Organized Play rewards.
  • You can expect many types of surprises along the life of the game! Some of these include: • Full Art promos of all 18 Heroes in Beyond the Gates available through various conventions and Preview Events throughout 2024. • Alternate Art cards of 12 character "families" in Kickstarter Boosters. • More planned towards the end of 2024 and in to 2025.

  • No, only human artists from all over the world (more than 25+).

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