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Explore the Unexpected

For fans of trading card games, Altered could very well be a dream come true.

Modern Gameplay

In a vibrant and colorful world

Choose a faction and lead an expedition into the unknown. Altered stands out with its victory system focused on a frantic race through mysterious environments, a reserve zone doubling cards utility, and a fast-paced gameplay that encourages meaningful choices. Enter this captivating, dreamlike, and colorful world that sublimates our emotions.

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Scan your cards

Access the magic of another world.

Download our app* and scan an entire booster in seconds. Your cards are secure, and now you can enjoy a host of features that will enhance your Altered experience. Explore the story behind each card and delve into a deeply positive, inspiring, and inclusive universe.

*The app is not required to play

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Print your cards on demand

Trade, sell, or buy from collectors worldwide using your smartphone. At any time, select cards from your collection and have them printed and delivered to your doorstep, brand new and in your preferred language. Print decks for yourself and your friends. Stolen or lost cards, proxies – the possibilities are endless.

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Unique cards

Re-enchant your games

In Altered, every card comes in three levels of rarity: common, rare, or unique, with three unique original artworks that will delight even the most passionate of players. Discover an exclusive card, explore the best way to play it, and surprise your opponents in ever-renewed matches. Opening a booster has never been this exciting.

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Project’s timeline

Altered is an ambitious project that has chosen to take its time to offer you the best possible trading card game experience!

  • June 2020
    The adventure begins

    Establishment of the Equinox company by Régis Bonnessée and launch of the Altered project.

  • Aug 2023
    Gen Con 2023 (USA)

    Altered is publicly unveiled at Gen Con 2023.

  • 2023/2024
    The Altered Roadshow

    A unique opportunity to discover Altered before everyone else in your nearest store and collect the very first promotional cards in the game's history.

  • Feb 2024
    Kickstarter Campaign

    Don't miss this golden opportunity to participate and enjoy the incredible benefits and exclusives we have prepared for you.

  • 1 - 4 Aug 2024
    Gen Con 2024 (USA)

    Come join us at this grand pre-launch celebration! Gifts, surprises, tutorials, and competitive gaming will be on the agenda to introduce you to all aspects of the game.

  • Aug 2024
    Official launch of Altered

    Finally, the D-day has arrived; the game will be available in a large number of stores in Europe, North America, and beyond.


What others have to say about Altered?

  • "I’m almost in rapture with the concept of this[...] the concept is fascinating"


  • "That just blows my mind."

    Man vs Meeple

  • "Most games are blowing smoke when they call themselves revolutionary, but not this time."

    Maindeck Dan

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