QR Codes

    • All cards will have their own individual QR code that isn't share by any other card. The exception is standard art token cards.
    • If a card is unowned, like if it was just opened from a booster pack, it can be registered on the official Altered app and added to your collection. We recommend scanning new cards and securely registering them to your collection as soon as possible.
    • Currently, you're able to scan any individual card's QR code with your phone's camera to register it to your account.
    • If a card is scanned and already registered to an account, you won't be able to register it to yours.
    • This will still give you access to the card's information, like the card’s text, its rules, lore/story, marketplace value, how many you own in your collection, etc etc. All of this will be displayed in the language you have chosen for your app.
  • To prevent any burden for people opening lots of cards at the same time we are providing a “mass scan” solution that should allow you to scan a dozen cards or more in a few seconds.

    • We have decided to go with the most basic QR codes that exist because after a lot of testing with the “mass scan” system, they were the one with the highest rate of success. We believe it’s more important this feature be quick and efficient since you are going to use it a lot.
    • We will keep innovating about this in the future as technologies evolve, we also would like to make them more pretty!
    • Furthermore, we have also tested the inconvenience that these codes might cause in terms of visual noise, and overwhelmingly, users have reported quickly getting accustomed to their presence, no longer paying them much attention.
    • To avoid having to remove the sleeves every time you want to access a QR code.
    • This is particularly problematic for deck checks that will be done by judges using their phones but also when you simply want to access cards info for whatever reason (access the lore, access the cards in your language, etc).
  • The system follows the best practices of the Industry.

    • Each QR code hash is embedded in a tiny url format.
    • You need to be logged in to attempt brute forcing the QR codes.
    • Any attempt to brute force a QR code will be flagged and the account quickly blocked and the IP banned.
    • The number of different possibilities you could test is 1.1579209x10^77
      • (Number of atoms the Earth is made of is estimated 10^50)
    • We are working on even more measures in case that wouldn’t be enough.
  • No, we do not use any NFT technology, particularly because we know how badly gamers perceive them (and us too). Instead we decided to go the old and classic way. We will host all the data of the app on our secured servers, as any other persistent service offer.

  • No, there are no crypto currencies used for this project.

App and Website Features

  • The Altered digital app and website are linked platforms where you’ll manage your collection of cards and find multiple services that’ll facilitate and improve your gaming experience, such as:

    • Collection
    • Deckbuilder
    • Event Finder
    • Personal stats
    • Rewards
    • Lore access
    • Marketplace
    • Print on Demand

    ...and more. We'll continue to add features to make the digital experience even better.

  • All cards you own digitally will be available to interact with in your Collection. This will work like a library, with the ability to consult the specifics of each card, such as the card’s text, its rules, lore/story, marketplace value, how many you own in your collection, etc. All of this will be displayed in the language you have chosen for your app.

  • The Deckbuilder will be where you want to go to create all of your Altered decks! You'll be able to use any versions of cards you own digitally when building your decks, search for the perfect cards for you deck using filters, and register decks in your Collection when participating in official Altered events.

  • Every official Altered organized play event will be located in the Event Finder on this website and the Altered App! Players will be able to find events using filters for particular stores, day of the week, distance from their home, event type, and more.

  • Official Altered organized play events will be tracked on your player profile to be able to access at any time. You'll be able to see all of the events you played in, your most played faction, the decklists you submitted, your results, and more!

    While not everything relating to your player profile will be ready right at launch, we'll continue to add features that make the experience even better.

  • Every single card in Altered is created with its own lore entry that will tell you a short story about it and maybe more! Lore is designed in two layers:

    • The first is the lore of a card, meant to offer you a short story that is easily accessible and a pleasant introduction to the world of Altered and its characters.
    • The second layer is the deep lore, that you’ll find accessible via another way offering more details for those willing to dig.
  • We're constantly updating and rolling out new features on our website. New features are being tested regularly to ensure they're ready before the game releases.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Discord, whenever we release new features we will tell the community.

  • Should probably happen from time to time as for any other live service, but the good thing is, even if the app is down, you’ll still be able to play Altered with your paper cards in the meantime 🙂.

    • We will also prevent any loss of information and secure the database with multiple back ups.

Marketplace & Print On Demand

    • On the marketplace you’ll be able to buy, sell and trade cards and Foilers with anyone else on the planet, anytime.
    • The money used for all transactions will be linked to your digital wallet.
    • When you buy, sell, or trade a card, the digital ownership of the card is transferred from one account to another.

    In the future, we plan to add the following features:

    • Bid for cards
    • Loan or rent them to another account
    • Yes, there will be a small percentage taken from each transaction, similar to any other TCG marketplace.
    • We anticipate the fee amount to align with other TCG marketplaces, but cannot confirm a percentage yet. This question will be updated when we can!
  • We have no problem with one account transfering cards another for free.

    We want you to be able to share cards, sell cards, trade cards, giveaway cards, manage your collection etc, the way that is the most convenient for you!

    If you choose to do transactions outside of the marketplace, please keep in mind the payment may not be secured.

    • Each account will have a digital wallet, available in € or $, that you’ll use for your transactions and services purchased via the app.
    • You'll be able to use most payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Play, etc.
    • Related fees TBD.
  • Physical cards still let you build and play multiple decks in a casual environement, share your cards with friends or family, and more.

  • Print on Demand is a service offered via the app and website that will allow you to choose any number of cards in your collection and order them to be printed from the official factory, in the language of your choice, delivered to the address of your choice.

    • You can print any of your cards as many times as you wish as long as you own at least one of those cards in your account. This is with the exception of the “Exclusive"" cards (see “Exclusive cards”).
    • Pricing is still being finalized, but our intent is that the more cards you print at once, the lower the price per card.
    • Delivery fees will still apply.
    • We do not intend to charge you more for printing a foil card vs a non foil card.
  • Yes, we will allow you to reprint the standard art version of your card as many times as you wish. Exclusive art versions are limited to once a year.

  • Because of the process Cartamundi uses for the QR Codes printing on the offset versions (the ones you open in the booster packs), the QR codes will sometimes be miscentered and will not have the varnish effect. The Print on Demand versions will be perfectly centered and varnished.

    We will look to improve that process in the future so that both versions do not share any difference anymore.

  • At release, only the Belgium factory from Cartamundi headquarters will provide the service. As Altered continues to find success, the service should be made available from other Cartamundi factories all over the world, shortening the delays for more and more players.

  • We have a Print on Demand feature on our roadmap that will allow multiple users to combine their POD orders together, which should reduce the price per card and split the delivery fees by shipping to a single address. This likely won't be available at launch, but we're hard at work to make this a reality!

    We also hope to offer a feature to allow official LGSs to collect multiple POD orders from their community to make a single order at once.

  • Yes, you’ll be able to reprint any card you own, forever.

  • Indeed, Altered uses a different system than the traditional TCG’s. As a collector you’ll be able to achieve both online and offline collection and there is no “grading” required because of the print on demand service.

    • We will probably offer you rewards through an achievement system that will showcase your investment in collecting Altered. (TBC)
    • It is indeed not realistically possible to collect absolutely all of the different printed cards, since unique cards are, indeed, unique. But you’ll at least be able to collect everything from an artistic perspective (all uniques share the same art).
    • We are also aware that this system might not please every collector, and we would totally understand that you wouldn’t join the adventure if that is something that you do not like 🙏.

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