• Our Kickstarter will be ongoing from January 30th until February 29th. Retailers have special pledge options: see our Retailers page for details.
    • Asmodee is our official distribution partner for Altered. Contact your Asmodee representative for more information.
  • What you can expect from us:

    • Products to sell (Boosters & Starters).
      • With a lower MSRP* than many other TCG’s (*Below are suggested prices. Resale prices are set freely and at your sole discretion).
        • 3,99€/$ for boosters.
        • 14,99€/$ for starter decks.
    • A range of exclusive accessories made by Gamegenic (You’ll receive the catalog via Asmodee).
    • An Organized Play program for in-store competitive play that will start at release in August 2024. It will provide you with very attractive products for your players to incentivize them to visit your store (and then eventually spend money on more than just Altered).
    • An international competitive scene starting 2025.
    • A retailer account status on the companion app offering you unique services (not all the services below are confirmed yet, and some but not all might be available at release):
      • A rights management system for your employees (with different privilegies).
      • All your stores handled from one main account (if you have more than one store).
      • A retailer discount when you use the marketplace.
      • A way for you to offer grouped print-on-demand purchases to your customers/followers.
      • Access to the OP event management system, advertising, event locator, tournament organizer, judge tools etc.
      • A place to handle your following community.
      • And more things we have in mind!
    • Trade marketing material.
    • We will not go to the mass market (at least at release), all products at launch will be exclusive to brick and mortar retailers.
  • No, never. This is your business and we are absolutely conscious of the value of helping local game stores thrive from our game.

  • As a retailer you’ll have access to a retailer account with privileges only offered to them. In particular you’ll have preferred fees rates regarding the transactions made through the marketplace.

    Furthermore, with the digital system offered by Altered, you could:

    • Not stock any singles and specialize in online trading only.
    • Possess all the cards (commons and rares) and stock them, let’s say, per 10, that you would refill when your stock would get under a set level. This method would allow you to offer your customers instant disposal of any cards (besides uniques) instead of them having to use the print on demand and wait a couple of days, eventually paying more than you would offer, because you will benefit from bulk prices.
    • See “Group purchases” (TBC). You could use this system to offer a “drive” service where your customers would use the print on demand through you and would benefit from your bulk prices. They would then have to visit your store to collect their orders.
  • Totally fine with us, the system will allow it.

  • Cards can only be printed on demand if they're owned in a digital collection. All sealed booster products will always have a chance for Unique cards–a major draw to purchase from official retailers.

  • As for any already successful card games, secondary markets exist and it does not prevent hobby stores from selling products. We do not believe this should be very different for Altered. The laws of supply and demand work the same here.

    Oversell the product in retail and prices will go low online. Not enough products sold in retail, too much demand online? Prices will skyrocket and people will buy retail products. And of course, there are a lot of customers that do not strictly follow this reasoning and simply love opening booster packs.

    Also do not forget that, opening boosters means opening unique cards, which in some cases will be incredibly valuable and an endless source of joy for those daring to find them.

    • Our current Roadshow is ending on February 26. Stay tuned for details about future Roadshow events.
    • You can browse current roadshow events on our Roadshow page.
    • Why not join us on social and in particular on our Discord server? You could see how our community already reacts to the game AND you could chat with us directly.
    • You can also ask Asmodee to put you in contact with one of the many retailers that are already on board and have a chat?
    • You can host the roadshow and make your own opinion about the game based on your customers' feedback.
    • You can download the Print and Play version of the game and give it a try for yourself? (here)
    • There are already tons of very positive contents about Altered, available on Youtube.
    • And of course, you can simply wait for the kickstarter to start and see how it goes?

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