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Mechanics and engineers, the Axiom are convinced that technology and science should help spread the power of Alteration to all.

Sierra the Engineer: a renowned scientist, patiently build your advantage and unlock your hero's power to maximize the strength of your inventions!



As glorious adventurers, the Bravos push us forward, as one must always overcome its own limits in order to endure and vanquish.

Kojo the Runner: a rising star, hard work pays off, strengthen yourself and seize the advantage without delay, for only the brave make history!



Nomadic artists, the Lyra constantly adapt to an ever-changing world, putting freedom and emotions at the center of their existence.

Nevenka the Artist: talent or luck? What's better than invoking fate to spice up a game? Especially when you have the power to influence it...



Sentinels of balance and harmony, the Muna work as peacemakers and diplomats, in order to allow all sentient beings to thrive peacefully in their ecosystems.

Teija the Druidess: patience and generosity, anchor and boost your allies over the long haul and reap the rewards of your good deeds, for they are always rewarded.



Embodiment of the state, the Ordis dedicate their life to us all. Bureaucrats, soldiers, judges, they stand tall as paragons of order and justice.

Sigismar the Strategist: a charismatic general, take command of the Ordis Legion and swiftly secure victory through sheer numbers!



The Yzmir Mystics delve deep in the magical mysteries of the world. They shield humankind from perils it knows nothing about, hoping to prevent another cataclysm.

Akesha the Magician: playful and virtuoso, let your opponent take the initiative to better thwart their plans, slowly but surely.